Beatrijs van den Brink

Beatrijs van den Brink, beeldend werk

After my study Psychology I worked several years for an insurance company, Human Resource Department. Within my work I have always looked for activities combining business with interests in personalities. Especially the stories behind each person are so interesting for me. I also lived with my family some time in Scotland, raised 4 children and wrote short stories about our life in Scotland. Being back in Holland my creative activities increased.

The last 20 years, these experiences have stimulated my creative development. I started making sculptures. Other creative expressions followed soon like writing. Several years I wrote a monthly column for a national Rowing magazine on all issues around rowing like club life and all aspects around rowing. In writings my journalistic approach is recognisable. Other activities include the editing of a quartile publication, for a Sport society and as web master I perform the editing for an Art Society. In my Art works I often use bright colours, symbols and movement to express my feelings or story. My early experience with prints is still visible in my paintings and digital art. The creative manipulation of digital content like photos has become an important part of my expressions. Most of all I love to make digital art as it provides near endless possibilities enabling the complete transformation of a photo into a peace of Art without taking space in my atelier. The story (often symbolic meaning) behind these expressions is dependent of and often connected towards the sensibility of the one who gives his or her view.

In societies (social clubs) I like to stimulate cooperation and better communications. My responsibility for the well being of each and everybody is important to me. Therefore I show personal involvement, both at the board level and as a club-member. As a team player enabling and enhancing group dynamics is rewarding. Even everyday meetings are often inspiring for my creativity. I do not need to travel abroad for inspiration and love to see around. I seek amusing and rare events. Therefore never lacking creative ideas ending in different ways of expressing mijzelves.

Started in 2016 with Brink Art Productions, have been working in an old historic office building for 7 years and now started at an other building  in Arnhem at Conradweg 14. It is possible to have work ‘in bruikleen’ for ‘een vast bedrag per maand’ (zie knop ‘contact’).